Smoking Vapor

How many times have you heard people say that they are smoking vapor and wonder to yourself what they hell are they talking about?  If you are like most people who have not use a vapor cigarette or a e cigarette then there is no way for you to know what smoking a vapor is.

Smoking vapor refers to the act of using a smokeless e cigarette.  Unlike a traditional cigarette that requires a lighter to light the cigarette, a vapor cigarette does not require a lighter.  Instead when you puff on your ecig, the heating element within it heats up and vaporizes the nicotine solution inside its to vaporize and create a water based vapor that is then inhale.  The water based vapor contains nicotine and this allows you your body to get the nicotine that it wants and enjoys.

So when someone says they are smoking vapor they are telling you that they no longer smoke cigarettes and instead use a electronic cigarette.

Smokeless Vapor Cigarette Starter Kits

Smokeless vapor cigarette starter kits refer to all vapor cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes or both of those terms put together and worded as smokeless vapor cigarettes and the starter kits mean the system of batteries, cases, and refills that a first time system buy of a starter includes.

Our site will talk about all kinds of vapor cigarette starter kits.  We will cover what a smokeless cigarette kit with rechargeable cases are and how they may be different than a wifi vapor cigarette starter kit.

As well, we will cover the refills and brands that offer a good smokeless cigarette kit and which vapor cigarettes and starter kits will make the best possible match for you.  There are so many options out there that you should take into consideration all of this as you make a choice about buying.

From there you can see there are refillable vapor kits and there are liquid refillables and so on and so forth.  We’ll give you information and advice as well as links to our top rated vapor cigarettes.


Smokeless Cigarettes Increase in Popularity

In the last two years smokeless cigarettes have become the new fixation for the smoker who is trying to quit or get away with smoking indoors without having the smoke from cigarettes linger around others or their living space.

These numbers are supported by Google Trends where you can see the heavy incline of keywords related smokeless cigarettes.  If you were to check anything related to vapor or electronic cigarettes in Trends you would clearly see the degree to which these are the trend of the year across the board.



Njoy One Joy E cigarette Review

The best vapor cigarette is the Njoy One joy, it is a disposable electronic ecig you can buy just about anywhere. The Njoy One Joy is smokeless and the best disposable vapor cigarette you can buy. Want the best disposable electronic cigarette out there, read this review and you will know why the Njoy One joy is the best smokeless vapor cig out there today.

Just what makes the Njoy One Joy the best smokeless vapor cigarette out there?  

The Njoy One Joy is great all across the board. From packaging to taste to experience. Sure there is water vapor that comes out but it is truly smokeless. Not to mention disposable and you can find this brand of electronic cigarettes pretty easy these days.

Njoy Non Rechargeable Disposable Electronic Cigarette also know as the “ONEJoy”

The manufacturer makes these claims to the Njoy brand disposable ecig, enforcing the reasons it is simply the best vapor cigarette you can buy.

“NJOY’s new OneJoy non rechargeable electronic cigarette has quickly become America’s #1 disposable Electronic Cigarette. Requires no charging and is Equal to 2 Packs of traditional cigarettes. Each package comes with three fully charged, premium flavor electronic cigarettes in the nicotine level of your choice. OneJoy disposable electronic cigarettes now come in menthol flavor as well. Our popular non-rechargeable electronic cigarette is odor free, ash free, tobacco-smoke free, and costs less than smoking! Each non-rechargeable electronic cigarette can be recycled after use.”

The Price is Right

You can scoop one of these up for around $9.99 and vape away for a week or so before you have to buy a new one. That is awesome and cheap.

Money Back Guarantee!!: 

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – You got 30 days to send it back for a refund if you are not happy, but you will be convinced like I was that this is simply the best vapor cigarette you can buy.
  • 1-Year Warranty – Basic warranty telling you they stand behind the quality of their product.
Njoy OneJoy Smokeless Vapor Cigarette

Njoy OneJoy Disposable E-Cigarette, Simply the best Smokeless Vapor Cigarette you can buy.

Review of the smokeless OneJoy disposable Ecig:
Smoking Experience - I have tried other smokeless vapor cigarettes but nothing compared, the OneJoy simply had the best and most realistic “smoking” experience. It is smokeless and just water vapor but it really simulates the real thing.
Looks – It looks just like a real cigarette and isnt crazy big like some other ones I have seen. The best vapor cigarettes not only smoke and taste great but also look good too. I even like the colorful little box they come in. You can puff on your OneJoy ecig all day and no one will ever know it is not the real thing. But when they ask you can say don’t worry about it, it’s smokeless and just water vapor.
Taste – What is great about these is you can get menthol or tobacco flavors and different nicotine strengths. Other vapor cigarettes taste horrible but Njoy ecigs seem to have the best taste for menthol and tobacco flavors.
If you have not considered switching to smokeless vapor cigarette you are missing out. Consider these reasons to switch today and try the Njoy One Joy. If you are going to buy any new product why not get the best. I have tried a lot of different brands of vapor cigarettes and smokeless devices but the Njoy ONEjoy is simply the best vapor cig you can buy.
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds – Quit smoking menthol or tobacco cigarettes and try both, switch it up and be smokeless!
  • Improve your health – The OneJoy is smokeless so your lungs will feel great just after a few days.
  • Water Vapor – It is just water vapor and smokeless so no second hand smoke and no carcinogens floating around.
  • Smokeless and Stink less – Stop smelling like a old ash tray, cigarettes smoke makes you and everything around you smell. The water vapor has no odor and simulates a smoking effect so puff away with vapor cigs and smell better!


How many times…

How many times have you picked up your smokeless vapor cigarette and had your atomizer or cartridge not work?  None?  Well that can’t be true!  Either that or your vapor cigarette is top of the line goodness.

I’ve searched high and low for a smokeless vapor cigarette that can do the trick.  The trick as in an atomizer that works every time, a rechargable battery that charges, and a flavor cartridge that taste great.  I’ve found a few smokeless vapor cigarettes that have provided at least one of these things.

There are many choices out there for vapor cigarette accessories that are good.  Just have to keep you feelers out there and keep your eyes open!

This August of 2013 many new brands and types of smokeless vapor electronic cigarettes are due to hit the market!  Certainly more than a handful will emerge as a atomizer and cartomizer standout.

Matchless Electronic Cigarettes

Matchless electronic cigarettes are another way for people to refer to what is commonly known as an electronic cigarettes.  Today, when you hear such words like, e cig, e cigarette, vapor cigarette, smokeless cigarettes, electronic cigs, or matchless electronic cigarettes, they are all referring to the same thing.

Matchless electronic cigarettes just refers to a type of electronic cigarette that does not need a match to smoke.

Electronic Cigarettes are powered by a battery.  When you puff or draw on the e cigarette, it vaporizes a nicotine chemical compound within the ecig that then it creates a water based cloud of smoke.

The cloud looks like smoke but it is not really smoke.  It has no smell and does not damage your teeth.  That is why many people refer to it as a smokeless cigarette.

Vaporing refers to the process whereby the propylene glycol is converted into a water based vapor.  Hence, that is why some people refer to the electronic cigarette as a vapor cigarette.

So when you inhale the water vapor (smokeless cloud), you get high from nicotine.  It gives you the same sensation as when you smoke a real cigarette.

So I hope I explained what a matchless electronic cigarette to you all today.